Internal Transmission Pieces and Hard Parts

Looking at seeing what makes a transmission tick, and what kind of hard parts you will find once you crack one open? Many are wondering the same thing. If this is an education exercise, it is strongly suggested that a donor, unused transmission be used. Your daily ride is not the thing to discover what kind of hard parts you are in store for. On the job training is perhaps the best system, but if not wanting to attend a formal class, start slow and with a good training manual in your garage. If in a bind, seek out a professional.

What kind of hard parts are contained in a transmission? More that can be named and described here. Pumps, valve bodies, and solenoids, just to name a few. A transmission tear down is more complex than the average Joe realizes. It is just amazing how many transmission parts and pieces are within the outside case. The sequence that these transmission hard parts are disassembled and then reassembled should be closely adhered to. If just one part or step is done wrong, the transmission will not operate as it should. Once again, if reliability is needed, please seek out the services of a reputable transmission repair shop.

Before one can get to the hard parts of a transmission, it must be removed from the vehicle. Depending on the type of transmission being removed, the steps will be different. A standard transmission entails the removal of the clutch linkage, and a shifter through the floorboard of the car. An automatic will require you to unbolt the torque converter from the engine flywheel. Whichever one you are removing, please follow all garage safety rules and remember to securely block the wheels as the vehicle is now a free rolling object with the transmission removed. Also keep in mind that a fully assembled transmission with all the hard parts within is a very heavy object. The use of a transmission jack in top operating order is a necessity.

Once the transmission is removed from the vehicle and has been cleaned and degreased, now is the time to disassemble. Allow yourself plenty of bench space to work in because as you will soon find out, there are many hard parts to remove. Most shops will set the transmission up on end like a big bucket, and remove all the internals from there. If the transmission has made it this far, most of the hard parts are worn out and will need to be replaced. This is the beauty of a transmission, it can be renewed to like new status at a fraction of the cost. This is a good time to review you fluid options. Synthetic science has come a long way. Decide what is best for you and your new transmission.   

Do it yourself or take it to shop. Just keep an eye out and remember where all the hard parts go.

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