The 4L80-E – The General Motors Do All Transmission

rebuilt 4L80E transmissionThe 4L80-E transmission is one of the most bullet proof transmissions on the market today. Used in pickups, motor homes, and a stronger upgrade for the Corvette, the transmission has certainly been around the block, so to speak. An off spring of the tried and true Turbo 400, the 4L80E will be around as long as there are gear heads that demand a strong driveline with equally strong hard parts within it. Want to make some noise without worry? Build what you want, back it with this transmission and have performance and reliability all rolled up into one.

The 4L80-E electronic transmission is also a beefier version of the trusty 4L60-E version. What exactly do these numbers and letters signify? The number 4 stands for a four speed automatic transmission. The letter L is for a longitudinal design for use in rear wheel applications. The 80 is the model designation, and finally, the E is for electronic controlled. The power control module on the vehicle is what controls all the hard parts and the workings of the transmission. Now that the explanation of what type of unit you have in front of you, you will have a better idea of what type of unit to seek out if needing a replacement, or a serious addition for a hot rod or monster truck. The 4L80-E can and will deliver without a hitch.

Here is an insider secret to locating the much sought after 4L80-E transmission. If you happen to run across a gas powered G.M. cab and chassis delivery type of truck, take a look at the transmission that is in it. You guessed it, the 4L80-E will surely be available, as this transmission has all the hard parts and goodies to haul around the heavy loads. Also available and similarly equipped are the General Motors motor homes. Heavy loads, able to take abuse, and in plentiful supply, all make this transmission a good choice for work or play.

While being able to take the 4L80-E out of a donor vehicle and placing it into service in another, you might want what to consider a replacement of some of the hard parts. At the very least, a pan filter and fresh fluid should be on the minimum list. If wanting and needing trouble free reliability, disassemble and look at the clutches, friction discs, solenoids, and everything else. A quality transmission rebuild shop have top trained technicians who can rebuild a 4L80-E in no time flat, and it will have a warranty in tow when you pick it up. Just make sure you let them know what type of application you are going to use your new transmission in. There is such a thing as too much or too little transmission. Don’t fall prey to this mistake.

The 4L80-E will perform in a variety of applications from a motor home to a monster 4 wheel drive vehicle. Whatever you build or drive, this will certainly fit the bill.

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