Advantage of An Automatic Transmission

Understand that this article is being written by a man who loves manual transmissions.  When push comes to shove I will by a vehicle with a stick shift simply because I love how it feels and I enjoy the bond that forms between driver and vehicle when a manual transmission is used.

Having said that, I can also be a big enough man to admit that there are some very real advantages to driving a car or truck with an automatic transmission, and it is those advantages that we will talk about today.

  1. automatic transmissions are just easier to drive.  This one is a no-brainer! The automatic transmission takes the guesswork out of driving. The driver does not have to gauge when the revolutions are correct in order to make the next shift.  It may not be as much fun but it is definitely easier.
  2. Automatic transmissions are safer to drive.  With both hands free to drive and handle the vehicle there can be no doubt that it is safer to drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission.
  3. Generally speaking an automatic transmission will last longer than a manual transmission, if for no other reason than it eliminates the grinding of gears and the wear and tear on gears when shifting is done in an improper fashion.  How many of you remember the first time you drove a manual transmission and either killed the motor because of improper clutch use or ground the gears by not having the rpm’s at a proper level?  Most hands should have gone up after that question.
  4. There is, in most cases, more power in an automatic transmission.  Because of the planetary gear sets and torque converter, the laws of physics dictate that more power and better use of power is seen using an automatic transmission.
  5. There is less maintenance cost with an automatic transmission simply because of the points mentioned in #3 of this list.  However, when maintenance is required the cost is usually higher and the cost of replacement is always higher for an automatic transmission.

So there you have it, a rather reluctant admission that there are advantages to owning a car that has an automatic transmission.  You have to realize that this writer is getting along in years and I still remember when my grandpa cranked the engine of his old Model T, so forgive me if I get nostalgic about the good old days.

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